MDH Photography

Photography and Writing by Michael Hoover

The abstraction of form is more important than the abstraction of politics

It was hard to avoid the spill,

the kill, the stillness touched me

the thought pierced me

the body attracted my eye

to die, and why is all we ask

we look back on the past

how could this be done?

wasn’t the war won?

who do we point our finger at?

a bat, the fat who fly away loved

and suck our blood

i thought the times were healthy

the wealthy, the filthy, still exist?

what the fuck is this?

who said it was ok?

what have i left to say?

Its elegant how fucked up the world is.

I had to stop my words,

hide and always act so sure.

Make the hard line a blur,

and somehow create my own cure.

Death by Train?